How To Paint Your Nails Perfectly


when you're doing natural nails, you need to prepare the nail by using a file and buffing it up.Very quickly ,just buffing up the natural nail, making sure you get every little bit of it, then taking away the dust .Don't file in both directions.

You need to make sure that the nail is not smooth , because you don't want the gel polish to chip .It has to be a little grit there for the polish to adhere to . 

And then you want to use a prep.Use cuticle oil to soften citicle.Don't cut cuticles.Just push back cuticles.

Then you would put the primer on natural nail . When you're taking it out of  the bottle, you need to scrape it off of the post.You need to put this gel on pretty thin, and you need to take it off half the other side of the post, and off the other side of the brush.

You don't need to take your little brush and put it right down at the cuticle and start , you need to kind of move up a little bit. You can also take your time , unless you're sitting under a natural source or natural light is coming in the window , where the UV's can cure it .

So do take your time you want to get every little bit.We put it on quite thin . Gel polish doesn't like to go and thick , and for a professional  touch , don't forget to tip that end .

If you do get some on the side , just like nail polish , do take it off . Do the application process quite thin . It won't stay very long . The oils in your skin will sort of  deflect it off . You want to do this quite thin so it cures quite well .

If you apply it too thick and try to cure it , you can wrinkly really bad .

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