Seven Reasons Why Gel Polish Is Easy To Fall Off


1.File the surface of the nail is not in place, so the adhesion of the primer is not enough

Our nail surface will secrete a layer of oil to protect the nails. Before we do nail art, we need to wipe off this layer of oil with alcohol. After erasing, we need to file it with a sponge file to make the surface rougher and more suitable attach of base coat.

The file should be even, if the file is not in place, it is easy to warp from the part or even the whole piece to fall off.

2.After the nail surface is filed, accidentally touch the oily object or do not clean the nail surface

After file the nails, some dust will remain on the nail surface. At this time, we need to use a dust brush to clean the nail surface. Never touch it with your fingers, because there is a little grease on your fingers, and then touch it with your fingers In the case of the nail surface, there will be another layer of "isolation layer" on the nail surface, and the base coat may not stick firmly.

You can also scrub with alcohol when cleaning the nail surface, but after scrubbing, fan it a little to let the surface liquid evaporate.

3.If the gel polish color is applied too thickly, it is easy to wrinkle

There is another point when applying nail polish gel, that is, it is too thick.Some people worry about uneven or not enough paint when applying color gel, so they finish the job after brushing a thick layer on their nails, but the result is easy to wrinkle, so remember when applying nail polish gel It should be thin and brushed twice, so that not only will it not wrinkle, but it will also be more even.

4.The nails are not wrap edge, they are easy to edge up and start to fall off

When we do nail art, we must also remember to wrap the edge well. The so-called edge wrapping means that after the nail surface is painted, use a brush to paint on the edge of the front of the nail to wrap the edge of the nail.

If the edge is not wrapped, the nail is easy to lift from the edge when pumping causing it to fall off.In the pass of brushing base coat 、color glue and top coat all must wrap edge.

5.The cure time is insufficient or too long, or the lamp tube is aging

The cure time of each brand of gel polish is more or less different, and the power of the lamp will also reflect the length of the cure time. Therefore, when we buy gel polish, we must understand the characteristics of the gel polish with the merchant, including the drying time under the different models lamp, in addition to the operational problems, there are also some reasons for the equipment. After the lamp is used for a long time, it will age, and the drying time will be prolonged, or even not dry. Regular inspection of the equipment is also necessary. 

6.The problem of gel polish itself

In addition to good operation skills, good products are also required. Some gel polishes do not have the ability to adhere, causing the entire nail to fall off directly after the nail is done. Therefore, apart from the skill, it is the product. If you have confidence in your own skills, the problem may appear on the gel polish. You can try to use a recognized good gel polish. If it still falls off, it is a technical problem. If it does not fall off , it is the problem of the gel polish you used before.

7.The cause of the nail itself

Because everyone's physique is different, some people's nails are thinner or the metabolism of the nail surface is faster. After finishing the manicure, the nail surface will produce a new oil protection layer soon. This type of nail is also easier to fall off. But this type of nails is relatively rare, and most of the problems you encounter are due to the above reasons.

Hope these help you all.

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