How To Use Liner Gel Polish


Liner gel polish is a gel polish with striper .Perfect for nail art to draw lines, French or its patterns.

And it also saves you the time of washing the brush.

lofuanna liner gel polish

How to use liner gel polish 

  1. Clean your nails and then trim the surface of your nails as you would during a normal manicure .
  2. Apply base caot first .To make gel polish last longer , cure it with UV or LED light .
  3. Apply colored gel polish directly and cure with UV light for 2-3 minutes or with LED light for 60 seconds .
  4. If necessary , apply a second coat and cure again with UV or LED light .
  5. Use lofuanna liner gel polish to draw any pattern you like . Then cure under LED light for about 30 seconds or under UV light for about 1 minute .
  6. Apply our top coat to make your nails shine , then cure with a UV or LED light .
How to use liner gel polish

How to remove liner gel polish ?

  1. Use a nail file to gently file off the top coat .
  2. Use a gel nail remover or soak a cotton pad with acetone and place it on each nail .
  3. Wrap each nail for approximately 10-15 minutes . Gently remove the softened gel using a stick or cuticle pusher .
  4. When the gel is completely removed , file the nail gently again .
  5. Wash your hands and apply some hand cream for better results .

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    Some tips :

    1. Use with base and top coat to protect nails and improve the longevity and brightness of colored gels .
    2. Shake the bottle before use , the first layer may not be uniform , the second layer is basically saturated .
    3. Applying each layer thinly will avoid shrinkage , warping or air bubbles .
    4. It is normal for base coat and liner gel polish to be sticky after curing , and the top coat will seal it .
    5. Sealing the nail edges after each application will make the colored gel last longer .

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