How To Use Poly Gel


What is poly gel? In short, it is a gel formula that comes in a toothpaste-like tube that applies color to your nails. It has the durability of acrylic nails and all the control of regular nail polish.

What is poly gel ?

How to use poly gel ?

1.Using sponge rubbing to polish inside and edge roundly .

2.Apply a thin base coat gel , cure with LED lamp 30s or UV lamp 60s .

3.Using suitable model of the shape of the hand of nail .

4.Apply adequate amount to the poly gel of the rubber on the nail plate model .

5.Apply poly gel to nail tips with slip solution .

6.Put the poly to your nail . Cure with LED lamp 60s or UV lamp 120s .

7.Remove the nail plate model after dry , extend a molding .

8.Apply a thin top coat gel . Cure with LED lamp 30s or UV lamp 60s .

how to use poly gel

How to remove poly gel ?

1.Cut up the extension nail .

2.Use a portable grinding machine to remove the poly gel surf .

3.Wipe your nail with alcohol cotton .

4.Finish .

How to remove poly gel

How to keep poly gel for longer time ?

1.Before applying , please ensure your nails are completely dry , clean and oil-free  .

2.The brush should not too dry or too wet , press gently , remove any excess product that popped out from the sidewalls .

3.After finishing the nail extension gel , you can wipe with a slip solution or nail cleaser on both side of the nail , so that the stick layer will be removed .

4.Being more patience and more practice , you can do the beautiful nail extensions at home .

How to keep poly gel for longer time ?

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