Three Common Types Of Manicure


Generally speaking, there are three types of manicure that are often encountered,gel polish,acrylic powder, and dip powder.We will describe these three methods in detail below.

Gel polish manicure 

Gel polish is applied in the same way as traditional nail polish but is tougher and longer lasting.Except that the gel polish needs to be cured under the irradiance of led\uv lamps.You can still enjoy all the shaping and nail care elements of a basic manicure.

The gel polish is very strong and won't chip or crack easily like traditional nail polishes, and it lasts for a long time without tarnish.After a few weeks they still look like the day you did it.

At the same time, the removal of gel polish is more troublesome than traditional nail polish. You need to find a professional to help you, or find some effective tools. You'd better not force them to peel off from your hands.

Acrylic powder manicure 

When using acrylic powder, you will need additional liquid.Mix powder and liquid, then create a strong nail overlay.According to the creativity and technique of the manicurist, it can be made into traditional nail shapes or various strange shapes.

Acrylic powders are a great way to adjust the shape of your natural nails, and they can be used to repair and extend nails.It also provides creative manicurists with the possibility to realize various ideas.

Dip powder manicure 

Dip powder is a powder similar to acrylic powder.Just need to apply the adhesive before dipping the nails into the color powder, no drying or curing required.

In general,  dip powder are easier to apply than gel polish and last longer than gel polish.However, due to the different materials, dip powder is not as smooth as gel polish, and some people may prefer the feel of gel polish.

There is no clear winner or loser between these three types of nail art, it all comes down to personal preference.

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