How To Glue Pree On Nail


Does anyone else not know what press on nail is?If you like to replace with different designs at any time, which is convenient and simple, and can be used repeatedly, press on nail is your best choice.

There are generally two ways to wear press on nail .The first is to use jelly glue and the second is to use glue.Here we mainly talk about how to wear press on nail with glue.

First, wash your hands before cleaning your nails.After washing your hands, use an alcohol pad to remove the grease from the surface of your nails.If you don't have alcohol pads readily available, you can also spray rubbing alcohol on a lint-free wipe.

After cleaning the nail surface, you can start some prep work.Pushing back your cuticle is a common procedure for wearing press on nail .You can use a specialized cuticle pusher, or a simple orange wood stick.

Then we can start working with glue. The method is very simple, we take a little glue, and then apply it to the back edge of the press on nail , don't apply too much.After the press on nail is coated with glue, slowly turn it over.

Attach the press on nail to the nail surface at an angle of 45 degrees to the cuticle, and slowly press down until it is completely attached.Then press and hold for 30 seconds to a1 minute.

If there is excess glue next to the press on nail , scrape or wipe it off with a tool as soon as possible to clean it up.Sticking the press on nail with glue is a more suitable method for people who want to last a long time.

But if you use glue, your nails may be damaged when you take them off, and your press on nail are less likely to be used again.

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