How to Kick Your Nail Biting Habit


Many people have the habit of biting their nails. They use it to relieve their inner anxiety, but this is actually a very bad habit.

Nail biting is very unhealthy, with thousands of bacteria on your hands, putting your nails in your mouth will greatly increase your risk of infection.

And bad nails can give you a bad image, think how pleasant it would be if you had beautiful natural nails.

Here are a few tips that may help you quit biting your nails.

1.Get your nails manicured, this can make your nails smell so weird that you won't want to bite them, and the nice look of your nails will also give you the confidence that you'll love them.

2.Carry a small mirror with you, and whenever you start biting your nails, look in the mirror and see how stupid nail biting is.

3.Replace the nail-biting habit with another habit, such as taking the ring off to play. Whenever you raise your hand to bite your nails, take your ring off and play instead. This is a classic way of breaking a bad habit, replacing it with another one.

Nails grow fast, keep at it for a month, and your nails will be as good as anyone else's. And this positive feedback will also bring you confidence, so that you can continue to persevere and successfully quit the habit of biting your nails.

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