How to keep nail art for a long time


Nail art can only be kept for a period of time, not forever. Everyone’s manicure retention time is different. The manicure retention time is related to the quality of the nail polish we use, the skill of the manicurist, and the follow-up maintenance. 

How to make manicure last longer

Nail Art Tip 1: Pretreatment is essential

It is very important to do a pretreatment before doing the nails. File your nails can make the nails last longer. Treat the cuticle on the edge of the nails. Do not apply nail polish to the cuticle. This is one of the reasons nail art can fall off.

Nail Art Tip 2: Don’t Forget to Apply base coat 

The base coat can not only protect the nails from corrosion but also prevent the nails from being stained dark yellow, so the base coat is very important, whether you have cleaned or polished the nail surface, you must apply the base coat .

Nail Art Tip 3: Avoid any gaps

When applying the color, use the brush head of the nail polish to take an appropriate amount of nail polish, first apply the tip of the nail, and then apply it from the root to the tip, be careful not to apply it on the cuticle, but not too far away, Because if the gap is too large, water will easily enter and cause the nails to fall off.

Nail Art Tip 4: Nail polish brushes are not suitable for hard pressing

When applying nail polish, we should not press the nail polish brush flat and hard on the nails. This will easily lead to uneven nail polish. The correct way to apply it is to gently  apply the nail surface with a nail polish brush.

Nail Art Tip Five: Apply armor oil Frequently

Finally, you need to pay attention to applying armor oil, about once every three days, it can prevent the nail polish from peeling off, and it can also make the nails show a bright luster, and the color will last longer.


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