How To Take Care Of Your Nails?


The purpose of nail care is to make nails more shiny and healthy. Unlike nail polish, even boys who seldom wear colorful nail polish can still do nail care, and let professional manicurists help you groom your fingers.

So, what does a complete nail care routine look like?

Nail care process one:

If you are currently wearing nail polish and there is still residual manicure on your nails, you need to remove the nail polish first.The specific method of nail remover is as follows:Dip a proper amount of nail polish remover with a cotton pad first, then wrap the entire nail in the cotton pad.Then wrap the fingers completely with tin foil, wait for a few minutes, remove the tin foil and cotton pad, then soak the finger in warm water for 5 minutes, wipe the finger clean with a cotton pad, basically the nail polish is removed.

Nail care process two:After removing the previous manicure, you can do nail care. The first step is to exfoliate.Exfoliation methods are as follows:It is necessary to soften the cuticle first, and then apply a layer of  cuticle oil;then use the cuticle pusher to push away the cuticle on the nail, the method used is to push outward from the edge;then use cuticle nipper to trim the nail edge and remove the old cuticle.

Nail care process three:

The next step is to the nails themselves, where the manicure and styling are done.Methods as below:Trim your nails with nail clippers, then use a nail file to lightly polish the tips of your nails to create the perfect nail shape!

Nail care process four:

Polished nail surface.Methods as below:Use a sponge nail buffer block to polish the nail surface, and then use a  electric nail drill machine  to polish the nail surface from left to right. After this step, the nails are basically very shiny and look good.

Nail care process five:

As a final step, apply a moisturizing base coat to the nails to keep the shine longer.Although these steps seem a bit cumbersome, for professional manicurists, they are the most basic knowledge of nail care. If one day you see that the manicurist is not doing nail care for you in this way, then you have reason to doubt her professionalism.

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