4 Nail Art Tips You Need To Know


For girls who are in pursuit of perfection, fashionable nail art should never be spared. A small action is the key to the success or failure of the overall impression.

1.How to make nail polish last longer?

First of all, you need to take care of the dead skin on the edges of your nails and clean the nail surface from grease before the manicure.Apply the nail polish in at least two layer and remember to wrap the front edge of the nail as well.Finally, after applying the color nail polish, apply a layer top coat .This way, you can make the nail polish stay on for as long as possible.

2.How to avoid nail polish pigmentation?

First, before applying gel polish  must be isolated with base coat .

Second, use a high quality gel polish.

Thirdly, it is best to let the nail polish come off on its own or cut it off as the nail grows, and use nail polish remover as little as possible.(Although some nail polish remover will do minimal damage to your nails, it is best not to use it.)

Fourth, if there is already pigmentation, you should keep your nail polish off for a while so that it will slowly fade away on its own.

3.How do I take care of my nails ?

Regularly trim the length of your nails: cut them short with a nail clipper or trim the length with a special sanding strip for nail art .  

 Then clean the dead skin: first you should let your fingers soak in warm water (you can put a few fresh lemon slices in the water to soak out the dirt from the nail crevices to soften the nail skin).

After drying your hands, gently push the soft skin with a wooden stick, then use cuticle nipper to clear the excess soft skin flakes around the nail, and finally use a nail brush to clean around the nail. Then dip your fingers into a basin of water and rinse them off as you brush.

Apply emollient oil cream: after drying hands, apply emollient oil cream and massage repeatedly with finger rotation method for 2 minutes until absorbed, finally wipe off excess oil from nail surface and nail crevice with cotton dipped in alcohol.

4.How to choose the right nail shape?

Square nails :Generally speaking, square nails are more individual and fashionable, and they are not easy to break, which is popular among working women and white-collar workers. 

Square round nails :Giving a soft look, the square round nail has a straight front and sides, with a rounded profile in the angular areas.

Oval nails :Oval nails have an oval outline from the free edge to the front of the nail .

Pointed Nail :An avant-garde niche nail type.Pointed nails are more likely to break due to the small contact area.

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