how to use builder gel on natural nails?


1. Use the Buffer to buff the nail surface slightly.
2. Apply the Primer to dehydrate the nail surface.
3. Apply the Base Coat and cure with the lamp 30-60s.
4. Apply the Nail Form on your finger.
5. Apply the Builder Gel on the nail tip and cure the lamp 30-60s.
6. then Apply the Builder Gel on the whole nail and then extend it to the desired position and cure the lamp for 30-60s .
7. Wipe the sticky surface with the Cleaner.
8.then Take off the form and shape the nails with Nail File.
9. Clean the dust with Cleaner.
10. now you can apply Gel Polish Color you like and cure the lamp and then finish with Top Coat and cure the lamp or you can finish directly with the Top Coat and cure the lamp without any Gel Polish Color.



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