How To Apply False French Tips on Toes - Step by Step Guide


Some things are worth wasting. But to indulge in these luxuries, it is often necessary to reduce spending in other areas. The trick is to find out which necessities you can ignore without really noticing too much difference.

Our little secret today: Skip expensive toenails and try to use false toenails at home easily and quickly.  

Today we will teach you how to use a false toe piece. It is exquisite and cheap. It is suitable for beginners to get started. It has many styles and is suitable for you to finish at home. And also, It is hard to find that it is not completed by professionals. 

French false toe pieces are generally divided into two types: half Cover Fake Nail Tips and full Cover fake nail tips, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. The acrylic half cover fake nail tips are suitable for nail Salons or people who have a specific operating foundation and other tools to DIY nail arts at home, and the full Cover fake nail tips have no basic requirements. So we talk about the french full cover short art acrylic press on toenail tips here.

 1, File the sides and cuticle area for an accurate fit with a manicure stick.

tip n toe

2, File and clean your toes.

tips 2 toes

3, Clean the dust on the toenail.

tip toe nails

4, select the correct size fake nails for each toe and apple sticker on the nails.

tip 2 toe nails

5, stick it on the nail, press on, and hold for 5 seconds.

french tip toes with design

6, File and shape the french toenails with a manicure file if needed.

 tip to toe

That's all steps of applying the half cover false french tips on your toes. If you want to know more tips on nail art at home easily, please wait for more of our article updates.

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