How to use chrome nail powder ?


Chrome is a type of nail art pigment that comes in powder or flake form . When rubbed over no wipe gel top coat or gel-like regular polish , it creates a smooth liquid look on the nails . Chromes can come in metallic , mirror or color shifting finishes .

How to use chrome nail powder ?

1.Apply a base coat on your nail and cure by UV/LED lamp until it totally dry .

2.Apply and color gel on your nail , preferbaly black , because usually a black background works best for chrome powder , and cure by UV/LED lamp 60-120s until it totally dry .

3.Important ! This step will determine if you can make a mirror effect or not . Apply no wipe top coat on your nail , can't be any other top coat if you want mirror effct , and cure by UV/LED lamp 10-20 seconds ( depends on the powder of the lamp ) , if it's too dry will be hard to apply powder , but if it's too wet , it will not get the mirror effect . Please try more to achieve the best results .

4.Take a small amount of powder with a cotton swab in the bag , and apply it onto your nail until the color completely covered .

5.Apply top coat and cure by UV/LED lamp until it totally dry .

6.Finished .

 how to use chrome nail powder ?

How long does chrome powder last ?

It is made out of glass , metal , and pigment . It can last up to there to four weeks .

Why are your chrome nail powder not working ?

If you over-cure the top coat in which the chrome is being applied onto , then the chrome will often just rub straight off and not adhere . Always follow manufacturer's instructions on the cure times and do not cure for longer . Chrome must be applied on top of a cured layer of non-wipe top coat .

Why does your chrome powder look glittery ?

If the chrome powder goes on too thick , it will leave sparkly particles . Use a very fluffy and soft bristled brush to dust off any excess . 

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