What Do You Need To Buy To Do Your Own Manicure?


Are you an avid manicure lover?Do you change your nail styles every week, or do you often keep the same style for a month or two?

If you're going to do your own nail art, it can be as simple as it is complicated, depending on how you want to do it.

If you often change styles, you can choose some simple styles, otherwise it will be too troublesome.If you are more specific, you can spend a little more time doing a complex and delicate manicure.

Manicure tools

1.Nail Clippers

Nail Clippers can buy a separate one can also buy a set of sets, sets of selective more, things are more complete, do not do nail usually also very practical.

2.UV/LED lamp

Different uv/led lamp on the gel curing time is not the same, you can choose the right power of the lamp according to their needs.

3.nail file 

The nail file can be used to polish the surface top coat when removing the nail.It can also be used to trim the shape of the nail before doing a manicure and file the nail surface to make the gel fit better to the nail.

4.nail brush 

gel nail brush 、liner nail brush 、nail paint brush 、dotting pen .These are used more frequently and are suitable for novice operators because they are simpler.

5.cuticle trimmer with cuticle pusher 

They are for treating dead skin on your hands before doing a manicure, or if you have sensitive hands, you can leave them alone. If you are a novice, it is also not recommended to use them because it is easy to get hurt.

6.Dust Brush

It is used to clear the dust from the nail art process.

7.Various gels 

The base coat is the first layer of gel applied to the nail, which can isolate and protect the nail itself, in addition to making the gel attached more long time .

Gel polish, generally applied after the base coat , color is very diverse, apply a layer, two layers, three layers, the color is slightly changed.

The top coat , which is applied last, makes the finished nail look brighter and better, and also allows the color to stay longer.

8.Cleaning cotton sheet

Used to clean the surface of the nail, such as grease, dust and so on .

9.Nail Removal Kit

It can be used to remove the gel polish , which is convenient.


The more complete is the above. If you find it troublesome to buy them one by one, you can also look for ready-made nail art sets.


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