Problems Commonly Encountered By Novice Nail Artists


I'm sure many nail art novices often encounter various shedding problems in the process of making nail art, some of them are confused why their nails art always fall off?

Here are some common reasons why nails fall off and you can see if they match.

1.base coat comes off

Common causes :

(1)The grind is not in place, some places are not sanded to the nail surface, resulting in the glue can not be completely adhere to the nail surface.

(2)Inadequate cleaning, grease, moisture or impurities on the nail surface will lead to base coat can't fit this nail, there will be shrinkage glue fall off.

(3)No wrapping or painting out of the nail range.

2.Nail polish falling off whole piece

Common causes

(1)Impurities on top of the base coat

(2)Base coat is not cured dry

(3)Use of different brands of base coat and nail polish, resulting in rejection coat comes off 

Common causes

 (1)The top coat is too thick, resulting in the cure when not dry, or unevenly coated thin and thick, some places are dry, some places are not.

 (2)The nail polish cure for too long, resulting in less floating glue on the surface, which weakens the stickiness of the glue, so it is difficult for the top coat to adhere to the nail polish for a long time.

(3)No wrapping or painting out of the nail range.

4.Front end buckling and dropping

Common causes

(1)Did not do a good job of wrapping, similar to the nail to open the can such a force to do more than a few times, the fingertips will be easy to fall off.

(2)The nail is thin and soft, while the gel is hard when it cure. When the nail is bent, the nail polish will easily crack in the middle part of the bend and fall off.

(3)The gel is applied too thick, the inside does not cure dry, the adhesion is not enough.

5.Rear end cocking and falling off

Common causes

(1)Inadequate cleaning, grease, moisture or impurities on the nail surface will cause the subsequent gel to detach from the nail surface.

(2)Not grind in place, the back end of the nail surface is not grind in place will not be attractive enough for the subsequent glue.

(3)When applied to dead skin or skin, the skin is pulled, causing the gel to be lifted and separated.

6.Extend nail fall off

Common causes :

(1)The extension glue is too thin, or excessive grind when file the nail shape leads to thinning of the extension part, or even a gap at the interface, etc.

(2)The extension gel is applied too much and touches the flesh, causing the extension nail to warping and fall off.

(3)The forms is incorrectly shaped and does not fit to the leading edge.

7.Nails tips come off

Common causes :

(1)The joint is not grind in place, resulting in the nail tips not
stick with the nail surface.

(2)The adhesion of the glue to the nail tips is weakened due to the lack of dusting after sanding.

(3)Improper handling causes air to enter between the nail tips and the nail surface.

After reading it, do you think it is very practical?

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