Common Nail Disorders And How To Treat Them Five


Familiarity with and understanding of common nail disorders will help us make accurate judgments when doing nail art, and adopt the correct treatment methods and nail art methods.

Spoon Shaped Nails

Spoon shaped nails are a symptom of calcium deficiency, malnutrition, and especially iron deficiency anemia.

Processing Method

Do regular hand nutrition treatments.

Eat more green vegetables, red meat, nuts (especially almonds) and other mineral-rich foods.

When doing nail extensions you should trim the front edge of the upturned nail and fill the depressed area, paying attention to the method of cardboard pallets.


Nails That Are Too Wide Or Too Thick

Excessively wide or thick nails mostly occur on toenails, mainly due to lack of grooming or too tight shoes. Genetics, bacterial infections or internal diseases can affect nail growth.

Processing Method

Do basic foot care.

Sand the over-thick part with a fine-faced sanding strip.


Exposed Finger Core

Frequent contact with strong alkaline soaps and chemicals, or cleaning the fingertips by probing too deeply and damaging the core, can easily cause the core to shrink significantly toward the nail bed and the fingertips to appear jagged, which in severe cases can lead to complete loss of the nail.

Processing Method

Avoid irritating the finger core.

Normally, after contact with chemicals, you should wash it off with water and do regular hand care by applying nutrient oil on the nail surface to promote rapid recovery of nails.

You can do nail service if you have a slightly exposed finger core. When doing extension nail, you should pay attention to the method of putting on the paper tray plate.

If there is damage to the exposed core of the finger with inflammation, you should not do nail service and should go to a hospital for treatment.


Ingrown Nails

Ingrown toenail is a pre-inflammatory condition that occurs mostly in the toenail and is mainly caused by wearing shoes that are too tight or improperly trimmed. Women wear high heels for long periods of time, adding pressure to the feet, which can cause nails to grow out of shape.

Processing Method

This condition should be treated promptly.

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