Why Gel Polish Is Not Easy To Remove


Gel polish is very difficult to remove the following three reasons, you know how many?


A non-removable top coat is used on the surface, resulting in the nail polish remover not being able to penetrate the nail polish.

Correct method :

The non-removable top coat can be sanded first.Wrapping nails with tinfoil is not strict enough.


Wrapping nails with tinfoil is not tight enough, resulting in the nail polish remover easily evaporates and does not play a good sealing role, not clean unloading. 

Correct method :

Cut the tin foil as large as possible to completely wrap the nail and make sure there are no holes.


The wrapping time is too short and the nail polish remover does not thoroughly penetrate the nail gel.

Correct method

The wrapping time is not less than 5 minutes, the nail polish is softened successfully and can be scraped off by gently pushing up.

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