At Home Dip Nail Kits , Diy Dip Powder Manicures


If you've made up your mind that you don't want to go to a nail salon anymore, a dip powder set is the best option for beginners.This set has everything you need to create a salon-approved look in the comfort of your own home.,1*30g nude pink dip powder, 3*7ml dip liquid essential set ( base coat/top coat/activator)1*15ml Brush Saver,1*Nail File,1*Nail Dust Brush.Lofuanna 蘸粉指甲入门套件

What are Dip Powder Nails? They are another method for hardening natural nails or adding length, just like using gel or acrylic.


How To Use


How to Remove Dip Powder Without Ruining Your Nails

1.Cut and File the nail surface.

2.Soak your nails in an Acetone Bath for 10 minutes until the powder loosens.

3.Gently scrape off the residue with a cuticle pusher.

4.Buff and Shape to clean the nail surface.

How long can they last?

Dip powder usually lasts 2 to 3 weeks, depending on how fast your nails grow and your daily activities. So if you work with your hands a lot, like washing dishes every day, you‘nail may be more prone to damage and shedding .

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