Applying gel nail polish is as much of a ritual as it is an art. We’ll take you through how to apply gel nail polish step-by-step to ensure that your at-home manicure is absolutely foolproof. Here’s a complete, step-by-step guide on how to apply gel polish:


The first step , use a nail clipper to trim your nail to the size and shape you want, then use a nail file to round out the edges for smooth application.

Then use buffing your nails with nail file to ensure the surface is smooth for application, and primed to bond with the gel.

Clean your nails thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or cleanser to allow the polish to adhere directly to your natural nail. And apply a thin base coat over the whole nail, then cure each nail under a UV lamp or LED light to dry it. You’ll want to cure your base coat for at least 60s-120s before continuing to ensure that it has thoroughly dried.

Apply 2-3 layers of gel polish and cure the UV/LED lamp for abour 60s - 120s .

Once your nail color is applied to your liking, apply a top coat to ensure that the color is sealed and to give your nails that characteristic shine. It is extremely important to cover the entire nail with a top coat, and cap the edges for a perfect seal.Cure your nails one last time, 60s-120s , so you can ensure that they are perfectly dried and sealed.

Sometimes gel will leave a tacky residue after curing, which you can simply wipe off with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol.Finish and get a perfect nail art shape.


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