What are some simple but good-looking manicure designs suitable for beginners?


Going to the salon every time for a manicure is a very troublesome thing.

Not only does it cost a lot of money, but it also takes a lot of time.

We've found three super stylish yet simple nail art ideas online.You can make your own nail art at home based on them.


First you need a nude base, you can use gel polish, polygel gel, acrylic powder or even dip powder.

Then apply glitter gel to the tip.You can use liner gel, gel polish or other gels.


This rainbow manicure is also very popular.It's very easy, just paint each of your nails with a different color of gel polish.

A manicure that looks cool but is easy to do.First paint your nails the color you want with gel polish.Then put dots on top.You can do this with a dotting pen, or with whatever tool you feel comfortable with, such as a stick.

Hope these will help you.


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